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Our Signature Knife, the "Bushcrafter Kukuri 7" is now on sale at Tops Knives! We designed it, they built it, and it is definitely a "One Knife, One Life" blade. Soon we will also be selling this knife here on the site, but until then, you can purchase directly from Tops at their website!

This is the Kelly Kettle Hobo 'attachment', which will nest inside the base of the Kelly Kettle! Made of Stainless Steel, and light weight, you will be able to order these separately from us to go with your existing Kettle base (must be Scout or Basecamp base in Stainless) - OR you can order from us the Hobo, and a Stainless base by themselves! 

The HOBO is now online for sale in very limited quantities! See out video about this! Just click "Shop Our Online Store" at the left to go purchase!

 (Cooking videos on Product Videos page!)

Nothing beats a Kelly Kettle for speed in boiling water. We suggest you have a complete Kelly Kettle system, and the Hobo attachment so you can mix and match your kit to whatever kind of adventure you are planning. 

So rather than going out and buying yet another stove, add a Hobo and then you have all you will ever need outdoors for cooking or boiling water. If you do not have a Kelly Kettle system, you can purchase the HOBO and the proper firebox base separately from the system to create just the 2 piece Hobo Stove!

Timeframe: Currently 4 on stock until late May! 

Get ready for Spring/Summer/Autumn! The best way to do it is hammocking, and if you have never experienced hammock camping/backpacking, then you should do yourself a favor and order up a DD Travel Hammock from us! Check out the DD Travel Hammock on our "Product Videos" page. There you will learn all about the best hammock you can purchase for your money anywhere- the DD Travel Hammock! 

*Shown with British Army Basha Tarp (Not included). 

If you are in the U.K., we are able to send you orders, however we ask that you email us about them instead of trying to place the order through the shopping cart.

We need to process orders to the U.K. a little differently. Thanks, and hope you're having a great Bushcrafting autumn/winter - no mozzies!

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To Our Customers: 
We have hand picked gear from some of the finest manufacturers on the market for our store. Why? Because we use the products we sell.

When you're in the thick of it, you need to be able to depend on your gear. We expect nothing less ourselves, and have carefully selected every item we sell to deliver utter reliability under the harshest environmental conditions. Failure, is not an option.

To Shop in our Store, just click on "Shop Our Store Here" on the left hand side to go Directly to the Web Store. Here you will find what we currently offer, with more products on the way soon. Our site is secure with SSL technology, and we feature PayPal for your shopping convenience. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us. Thank you for your patronage!

NOTICE! We get inquiries about our products, especially our Smocks, asking whether we have to order the product or have it made before we ship it to you- That's a big NEGATIVE! If you see it shown at our online store, it is IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP! Just pay for it, and it goes out. 

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