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"HOBO" Introductory video on the Kelly Kettle "Hobo" addition. 

"Hobo" demonstration video #1

"Hobo" demonstration video #2

In the video:
The Pre-Production sheath for the Bushcrafter Kukuri 7, and talk about the small changes for the actual production version, which is now out with the new knife.

Video 1 of 2:
Modification of your Trousers/Pants that helps your knife sheath integrate more comfortably with your leg via a leg strap on the sheath. 

Video 2 of 2:
Modification of your Trousers/Pants that helps your knife sheath integrate more comfortably with your leg via a leg strap on the sheath. As well, discussion of a mod for better implimentation of knee pads for urban warfare to your Trousers/Pants.

Indoor demonstration of making tinder curls with the Bushcrafter Kukuri 7 using Cedar. This video talks about the whole process of how to get a fire going. Once you have decided you are comfortable with doing this, move on to doing the same in the outdoors. Two more videos below will demonstrate outdoor fire starting and building as well.

Outdoor demonstration of how to make a fire using naturally available tinder, discussion of a tinder kit for emergencies etc.... In the snow, make sure you have laid down a bed of logs to work on top of, and build your fire on top of this. 

Another demonstration of outdoor fire building in the winter. This is actually part 2 of our "Minimal Winter Bivouac" series in the snow covered Taconic Mountain Range in New England. You can clearly see the bed of logs on top of the snow, tinder processed and ready, and off to one side every range of wood size ready to go from the smallest tinder up to log size.

Introductory video for the DD Travel Hammocks - Part 1 of 4 

Part 2 of 4, DD Travel Hammocks -
Paracord "Whoopie Slings" you can make yourself, and preparing your DD Travel Hammock in advance in case you want a hasty bivy without trees. 

Part 3 of 4, DD Travel Hammocks-
Hammock specifics: sewing, guy outs, cross bars, all the particulars are covered here. Getting into the hammock and so on. You're going to love these hammocks they are top drawer.

Part 4 of 4, DD Travel Hammocks-
Hammock is up, and we use my British military issue DPM basha tarp for demo purposes with the hammock. No tarp is included with these hammocks - you must provide your own. If the hammocks take off and there is enough interest, we will look at DD Tarps to make available for purchase. 

In this video we discuss knots and the effecive use of them, in consideration of rain etc. Watch this video closely, and if you have questions you are always free to email us.

This video shows you how to start your Kelly Kettle fire using a firesteel, as well as gives you Tips on how to get the most from your Kelly Kettle. Watch this video first, then proceed to videos 1-3 below!

Intro to the Kelly Kettle, an excellent Bushcraft and Survival kit- works with wood! Boil water, cook food, and keep yourself alive in the bush!

We recommend the Trekker or Scout models for either lite weight bush use, or long range scouting. We are sure the Trekker model will immediately find a home with lite weight users who can appreciate the overall versatility of these kits.

Whereas the Trekker and Scout are more personal use, we also sell the larger Basecamp model, which is excellent for Car Camping, and survival use such as home power outages, snow bound car situations etc.... We have you covered!

Using the Kelly Kettle SCOUT model on the Appalachian Trail up on the Connecticut/Mass border - Torential downpours during the night left everything super soaked with water. 

            *Make sure you always have a fire making kit on hand with you for
              emergency use.
                     ---> This should include a Firesteel, natural tinder, and other items such                              as WetFire cubes to make it possible to get you hydrated, fed, and                                   kept alive in ANY condition.

The Kelly Kettle is the best bush kit on the market that we have seen and used. However, you need to learn to set yourself up for success, no matter what the conditions!

             *Set up your Kelly Kettle for success by processing a kit of tinder and small                   firewood to keep in the kettle before you set out. Repeat this every time you                are finished using the kettle so you are always prepared, even in extremely                 wet conditions!

Discussion on formulating your own PSK - Personal Survival Kit, and products you may include, multi-piece kits utilizing pouches, Smock etc. All to give you food for thought while forming up your own PSK.

Remember the 4 elements of Survival- Fire, Water, Shelter, Food. Wrap all those things in a 5th element - Knowledge. Good luck!

Some of our products in the video:

*WetFire Tinder cubes
*Jetscream Whistle
*Starflash Mirror
*Emergency Stove
*Pocket Stove
*Cold Weather firesteel
*SAS Smock

We compare other packs to our Dropzone Tactical LRRP pack! We tell you why our pack is better than the rest. 

In the video- 
*Dropzone Tactical LRRP - NOW $499.00!
*Dana Design Astralplane Overkill (USA, early 90s, $500)
* Mystery Ranch Tactiplane ($780)
* British Bergen (real British issue, $405)
* Medium ALICE pack($25).

We don't just say our pack is better, we show you side by side comparisons, and explain why it's better. You can't get a better pack for the money anywhere, period!

Getting out in the wild in Connecticut with the Dropzone Tactical LRRP pack! I am wearing my personal Multicam LRRP with 4 extra pockets, and demonstrating how much you can put in these packs! This pack can haul more than you can physically manage. In this video I have about 100 lbs of gear in this pack. I have tested it to about 130 lbs with no strain on the pack. We believe in packs that are totally over-built. That way you can depend on it! Most people will not pack more than 60-80 lbs of gear in their pack, at the most realistically. This is just a demonstration of how strong these packs are.

Intro to the Dropzone Tactical LRRP pack - 1000 denier overkill construction, 100% made in North America. The material is all USA made, and the pack is constructed in Canada by the military contractor. We currently offer these in Multicam only. The 2 large 1000 ci. side pockets are removable and make into a patrol pack if you wish to use it. There is a separate yoke which comes with the pack to use with pockets for the patrol pack configuration. Also, we found through testing that anything over 100 lbs you will want to keep the lumbar pad attached.

Dropzone Tactical LRRP pack video 2

Dropzone Tactical LRRP pack video 3

Discussion on modifications I made to my own personal Dropzone Tactical LRRP pack. Since this video I have added two more pockets to the center exterior of the pack. This is one of the nicest features of MOLLE equipped packs is the ease of adding/removing pockets etc. You can add these personal mods to your own pack, which makes life better!

The Esbit "Emergency Stove" in action. I demonstrated this little guy during Hurricane Sandy. It is extremely lite weight, and comes flat with 3 solid fuel cubes. These are excellent to throw in a bug out pack for short term use to get you out of a bind. These little stoves are also issued to members of the French Foreign Legion because they weigh practically nothing to keep weight down.

The "Emergency Stove" is great for a bug out pack, but here we have the more durable Esbit "Pocket Stove" which also uses the solid fuel cubes. We suggest using these for very lite weight Scouting missions / Recce where you need lite weight and dependability, with minimal gear. Throw one of these in one of our 72 Hr. Assault packs, or directly into one of our SAS Recce Smock pockets. Whether you're heating a meal, or 'brewing up' a quick cuppa, the "Pocket Stove" should meet your needs.

Esbit "Pocket Stove" 2 - Brewin up some tea during Hurricane Sandy!

A demonstration of our "Tinder On A Rope" product for starting fires!

Here we demonstrate the WetFire tinder cubes we sell here on the site. These are what we call a 'last ditch' effort to get a fire going, or for emergency purposes only. These are the last line of attack at getting a fire started in normal conditions. If it's an emergency, don't mess around with anything else if you're in danger, light one of these up and get the fire on! We keep these in our personal Tinder Kits that are always on our person in the wilderness. 

This is our Dropzone Tactical SAS Recce Smock.... It's currently available in Olive Green only, in limited amounts.

This is the Kaito KA500 radio which recieves SW1, SW2, AM, FM, and NOAA weather bands. We think it gives good value for the money, and it works good too. For portability, it's probably the best portable multi-band radio on the market for the money. I looked high and low for a radio that was made in the USA, or one of our allied countries, and none could be found. I ended up with the Kaito after much research and debate with myself over it being made in China. Most electronics are made in the far east as it is- even Grundig is no longer made in Germany, they are also chinese made. Some radios are made in Japan, which is nice, but the problem is you start getting a radio that is still asian made, but the cost is through the roof. We consider this radio an excellent value, and used it throughout our Hurricane Sandy situation. 

Appalachian Trail near Connecticut/Massachusetts border carrying Dropzone Tactical LRRP Pack in olive green. 

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