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In stock, but in very limited supply til late May, is the Kelly Kettle Hobo 'attachment', which will nest inside the base of the Kelly Kettle! Made of Stainless Steel, and light weight, you will be able to order these separately from us to go with your existing Kettle base (must be Scout or Basecamp base in Stainless) - OR you can order from us the Hobo, and a Stainless base by themselves! 

Nothing beats a Kelly Kettle for speed in boiling water. We suggest you have a complete Kelly Kettle system, and the Hobo attachment so you can mix and match your kit to whatever kind of adventure you are planning. 

So rather than going out and buying yet another stove, add a Hobo and then you have all you will ever need outdoors for cooking or boiling water. 

Timeframe: Limited quantity in stock (4), until late May. 

Above: Current Production "Bushcrafter Kukuri 7" with proper logo artwork

Above: Pre-Production "Bushcrafter Kukuri 7", serial number 006 -
(aka Agent 006).

Tops Knives "Bushcrafter Kukuri 7", designed by L.V.I. Bushcraft & Survival

- The Bushcrafter Kukuri 7 is now on sale at the Tops Knives website. We will have the knife for sale soon on this website, after the ball gets rolling and we obtain our own stock of the knives. Until then, you may purchase directly from Tops. 

Introducing the DD Travel Hammock, imported from Scotland!

We are now handling
DD Travel Hammocks, and they are now ONLINE!...... Available in Coyote Brown, or Forest Green colors, these versitile and durable hammocks can also be used as a ground bivy if you encounter a space where you don't have any trees to hang it from. Waterproof bottom, double zippers, as well as integrated mosquito netting make this hammock an excellent investment. 

Just click
"SHOP OUR ONLINE STORE HERE" on the left, to purchase your DD Hammock today!

DD Travel Hammock, in 'Coyote Brown' shown here 'in flight'...... Please check out our Products Video Page for videos on these great hammocks, and make sure you order one up for the summer- just go to Shop Our Online Store and you will find our Secure Shopping section there. 

*Hammock shown with British Army Basha Tarp- not included.

The Kelly Kettle wood burning stove/kettle combination kit!

The Kelly Kettle is excellent for all of your long range outdoor needs. No need to carry a fuel bottle, you can get it from your surroundings- Wood! We have all three models in stock, and they all come in 'kit' form with the pot stand, grill pieces, pans and pot holder. Go to our ONLINE STORE link now to get yours!

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