Portable Solar Power!

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we took off with a large backpack to look for Ice for our freezer and refridgerator. While on the move we noticed the overwhelming amount of people who were crippled because they rely so much on their Smart Phones (iPhones/Androids etc) and were plugged in anywhere they could find an outlet in banks, convenience stores, drug stores etc........

I decided to give people an option - SOLAR. Being the kind of guy I am (I have a solar charging system I built myself already), I asked my best friend what he was using because he is just like me when it comes to his gear. So we got online with a very reputable company and will now be offering Solar Panel charging systems you can attach to the back of your daypack and charge your phones, ipads etc.

We have selected products which should give a single person the best performance in a 'mobile' position. That means you are on your own, in a less than ideal worldly condition and need to keep certain electronic products powered at all times. 

We have the GoalZero Guide 10 Plus Adventure 'Kit', and the Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack 'Kit' online. We chose these as the best "on the move" mobile set-ups for individual use. Just click "Shop Our Online Store Here!" 

** Note- The Goal Zero Nomad 13.5, 4-panel solar array has been discontinued by Goal Zero. We still have the Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kits, and the Guide 10 Plus Battery pack kits in stock.

Also note that Goal Zero has refused to send business our way via their store locator, because we are an Online Store rather than a Brick and Mortar store. We are now considering dropping their product over this issue. In our minds, a Dealer is a Dealer, whether online or a regular store- We carry the product, so we should get equal treatment. 

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