The L.V.I. Story

Our company is not just a store, but a way of life. We live the business we sell, and we sell the products we use. Everything you see advertised for sale at our web store we test and use ourselves. Many items purchased at retail and tested before deciding to carry in house.

We don't just sell products we think are interesting, or a 'good buy' - it's on the site for a purpose. Quality, durability, comfort, utilitarian in nature- these are what we look for in our gear.

It's 'Low Visual Impact' because we want to move through nature as invisibly as possible. You may have heard "Leave no trace"... this takes it a step beyond. This concept allows us to mesh with the surrounding environment and wildlife around us creating a more profound experience. If the wildlife doesn't know you are there, are less intrusive, you will see more wildlife.

Further, it also creates a better experience for those around us also enjoying the outdoors. By practicing our 'Low Visual Impact' ideology, we aren't easily seen by others and therefore will increase that sense of solitude one wants to experience in the wilderness.

Who wants to believe they are the 'only ones' for miles only to walk over the crest of a hill and see some bright colored backpack/jacket on the horizon?

Don't just 'leave no trace' - Be No Trace...

Low Visual Impact... it's good for everyone.


Having some fun testing out some old grease paint found in the bottom of a box in the closet. This stuff was very old and required a lighter to get it to melt a little bit to wipe on. 

If you need to paint up your face for some reason, whether it is military related, hunting, or any other activity, remember to black out the cheek bones, tip of the nose, chin, and forehead areas. Cover the rest in green or brown depending on your conditions. 

Camouflage clothing in the picture:

Tru-Spec Brand, Original Vietnam Tiger Stripes using the "Tiger Stripe Products, John Wayne Dense" style of Tiger Stripes. The bush cover is "Tiger Stripe Products, John Wayne Dense" style fabric as well, but made by an earlier company. Tru-Spec Brand is now the exclusive distributor of Tiger Stripes with "Tiger Stripes Products" Vietnam era material pattern. Please see videos on Tiger Stripe Camouflage Discussion on our YouTube page.
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